Coco 8 Spritzers - Piña Colada - Strawberry Daiquiri - Sangria

Our Vineyard

The COCO 8 Spritzer vineyard is the largest certified organic vineyard in the Broke Fordwich region of the iconic lower Hunter Valley.

The Hunter Valley's wine growing area stretches inland from the Central Coast line of NSW up the Hunter River valley. The location is warm, temperate and dry, perfect for growing grapes with rich, well balanced flavours with good longevity.

The vineyard itself is vibrant with life including twin and triplet new lambs born on the property; many birds and animals are attracted by a stream flowing through the middle. The hills of the national park around the vineyard are the night roosting grounds for the massive flock of cockatoos that live in the region, as well as numerous varieties of parrots.

The beauty around the vineyard reminds us why we need to do everything possible to protect the environment. The chemicals often sprayed on crops affect our health through the air, water and of course foods and wines we purchase. That is why we do not use any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.